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Parts Inventory

Parts Inventory

At Rafter K, we have an extensive inventory of parts and supplies needed in the restoration of wooden wheels and horse-drawn vehicles. Click here for a short video and on the tabs below for an itemized listing. For a price quote, please contact us.

Wagon Parts

Large stock of  wood hub spokes 1 ⅜” to 2  ¾”
A few larger spokes
Felloes in various sizes
3 x 3 & 4 x 3 wagon poles
Good selection of other wooden parts
Hammer strap & nose piece for pole

Buggy Parts

Sarvin spokes 1” to 2”
Felloes in various sizes
Bows & circles, many sizes
Spring blocks 17” to 40”
Carriage neck-yoke wood
Carriage neck-yokes complete
New 3 & 4 leaf buggy springs
Carriage poles
Buggy hardware, large selection
Tire rubber & channel iron
Shafts – buggy, cart, straight, single bend, double bend, short & long heel
Shaft cross pieces, with & without tenon
Shaft irons

Sleigh Parts

Sleigh poles 12 ft.
Rollers 32” & 34”
Sleigh runners
Cutter runners & rails
Dash post & dash plywood
Cutter knees
Many used sleigh irons

Miscellaneous Parts

Neck-yokes , wood only & complete
Shaft replacement ends
Single-tree, various types & sizes, wood only & complete
Plow  & scufflers handles
Pick axe handles
Many miscellaneous parts
Projects for sale: buggy to rebuild
Many used parts in stock for wagons, buggies & sleighs



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