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Revival of a bygone trade ...

Randy Kirschner

Welcome to the Rafter K Wheelwright website where wheelwright Randy Kirschner demonstrates that he has the "wright stuff". While it may seem that a wooden wheel and buggy repair business is a return to a bygone era, Randy offers the following explanation:

"More people are choosing to have horses. Driving horses was once part of a hard life on the farm. Now we are driving for pleasure. Wagon treks, sleigh rides, chuckwagon races and pleasure driving are once again becoming commonplace. The automobile might have hampered the horse-drawn industry, but it certainly did not destroy it."

Click here to view a videoclip of Randy and his work, produced by Shaw TV in Fort St. John. Other portions of this video may be viewed on the Sales, Parts and Decorative pages of this website. If you wish to view these videoclips using Windows Media Player, you may download it here.

Browse the Rafter K Wheelwright website and discover the applications of this craft of yesteryear to the lifestyles of today ...

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